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All of our massage treatments are custom tailored to meet your individual massage needs. Each massage may include some of our specialty treatments at no extra charge.

30 minute massage treatment ..... $50.00

60 minute massage treatment ..... $75.00

90 minute massage treatment ..... $105.00

120 minute massage treatment ... $140.00

Massage Treatments include: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Pregnancy.

Specialty treatments can be scheduled as an individual treatment, see the specialty menu  for pricing.

Reflexology Treatment... 30 min session ... $55.00

Cupping Massage ....   60 min session ...          $95.00

                                                      90min session ...        $140.00

Hot Stone Massage.... 90 min session ...  $140.00

Neuromuscular Re-education... 60 min session... $ 105.00

Myopractic Therapy ... 60 min session ...        $105.00

*** Ear Candling Session ... 30 min session ...$50.00

for two candles / $10.00 for each additional candle

Specialty Massage Menu

With our extensive training it is impossible to list all of the modailites that we offer.

Ask your therapist about our monthly maintenance program!

Join Our Monthly Maintenance Program!

Recieve 2 - One Hour massage treatments a month for one year with a signed contract.

  $120.00 a month

Ask you therapist for more details!

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Our Spa Services

Facial Cupping Two sessions a week for 8 weeks.Results may vary

Facial Cupping

Facial cupping has benefits far beyond reducing fine lines and sagging jowls! These include: increased local Qi and blood circulation to the skin, drawing nutrients to the surface and enhancing absorption of lotions and serums. Face cupping clears heat and serves as a method of detoxifying the skin; it also drains stagnated fluid and eases puffiness. While traditional cupping can leave marks on the skin, facial cupping does not.

30 min session ... $50.00

add a session to a 60 or 90 min massage for only $35.00!

M'lis Body Contour Wrap... $150.00

Lose 4 to 14 inches in ONE HOUR!

We start by dry brushing the problem areas, then we use the massage cups to help break up the cellulite and then we apply specially blended oils to the areas and wrap you up in warm blankets and let the oils do their magic!

$75.00 - 60 minute treatment

Package of 6 treatments $410.00 ($40.00 savings)

Body Sugar Scrub... 30 min session ... $50.00

Add a session to a 60 or 90 min massage for only $40.00!

Gift Certificates Available 

Cellulite Treatment

Breast Lift with Cupping

Many women have areas of congestion in their breasts because the circulation and lymphatic drainage are poor. Wearing a bra that is too tight, or wearing a bra constantly can restrict the normal pathways of circulation, which results in accumulation of cellular toxins and debris. The vacu-therapy machine uses a very gentle vacuum to rhythmically massage the breasts. This stimulates blood circulation and lymph drainage, and helps mobilize toxins so they can be eliminated through the lymphatic system. The treatment also increases oxygen supply to tissues, which improves the overall health and increases the pH. This result of breast-vac therapy is improving or eliminating areas of congestion and cysts and substantially reducing the risk of breast cancer. Although a series of treatments may be necessary, depending on the individual case, reduction of breast congestion is obvious even after one session. massage cupping is wonderful for breast cancer survivors, because it relies on suction, not pressure, to accomplish the same and often better results. Massage cupping provides lifting of the tissue, decreasing pressure and pain receptors. This allows the tissue to soften and release pressure and adhesion with minimal discomfort. The lift also encourages lymphatic flow, decreasing pain and swelling and creating stimulation of affected tissue.
*** Please note*** your therapist will NEVER handle your breast tissue. This treatment is done in the most professional manner.

$50.00 - 30 minute treatment

Deep Tissue

After warming the superficial muscle structure, we then concentrate on the deeper tissues releasing many trigger points, restrictions, and reduced range of motion.

Pregnancy Massage
This is a wonderful treatment for any expectant mother to be! The massage is performed with the client lying on her side while positioning her with pillows for maximum comfort and security. The massage helps to keep the muscles relaxed to adapt to her rapidly changing body, making the pregnancy a more enjoyable experience. You can also make arrangements to have us in the labor room with you too!

*** Ask us about our infant and children's massage!

Massage Cupping

Massage cupping works deeper by loosening adhesions, helping the muscles to work more independently, activating the lymph nodes to drain accumulated toxins in the tissues, organs and body systems. Cupping helps to stimulate increased circulation, while separating fused tissue layers.Some temporary discoloration of the skin may occur as the cupping works as a detoxification and movement of stagnation "ick" that has settled down into your tissues that is being brought to the surface so that your lymph drainage system can carry those toxins away.

Sports Cupping

Since tissues get tight and harden and often difficult to stretch out, sports cupping will help stretch out the muscle to release tension that has built up in that area and will restore flexibility which will help guard you against future injury. Sports cupping is effective in bringing nutrients back to the muscle and tissue that need to be repaired. Removal of lactic acid and the muscles get the oxygen needed.

Cranial Sacral Treatment

This gentle hands-on method of detecting and releasing restrictions in the cranial sacral system that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. Correcting these imbalances can help alleviate a full range of sensory, motor or neurological dysfunctions.

Hot Stone Massage

This is a delightful treatment, let us sweep you far away into a deep relaxed state. We use heated river rocks to perform the massage. The heat from the rocks penetrates deep down into the muscle tissues helping them to relax at a deeper level. This treatment is 90 minutes long, but expect to be here at least two hours as you are so relaxed it takes a little time to regain your senses!

Myopractic Treatment

This treatment is done slowly and the tissues are worked in a very detailed manner. Working the individual tissues with very precise, very specific movements in order to re-train and educate the muscle tissue to lay correctly.

This is a very relaxing massage, long soothing strokes help the tissues to relax and soothe away the stresses of everyday life.

The M’lis Body Contour works by flushing the toxins and waste materials from the body through a process, which, the creators claim, can result in a permanent inch loss up to fourteen inches. The M’lis Body Contour is also credited with improving overall health, skin nourishment and body contouring.

Gift Certificates Available 


Balancing the body through reflex therapy is done by directly massaging the problem area points on the feet or hands.


Facial cupping , results after 6 treatments. Results may vary

Description of Various Massage Therapies

Ear Candling

This age old "home remedy" works to relieve pain and discomfort. The heat from the candles filters down through the hollow candle therefore softening the ear wax and causes a vacuum which helps to pull the earwax out of the ear and up through the candle. It can help with sinus infections too!

ZHT Treatment

ZHT is a breathing and vocal exercise for those who suffer from VDC, Sleep Apnea, Asthma, and other respiratory problems. These exercises help to strengthen the throat muscles and lifts the soft pallet in your mouth therefore helping to open the airways to increase your oxygen intake and flow.

Viseral Manipulation

In this gentle therapy we concentrate on the internal organs. Releasing restrictions within the visceral structures, encouraging natural movement of the organs.

Scars and Stretchmarks

We can help with unsightly scars and stretchmarks smoothing the appearance! This treatment enables inflammation to move to the skin surface to be dissipated. Easily softens hard tissue and scars to dramatically shift movement restrictions. Lifts attachments to restore structural integrity and increases range of motion.

$60.00 per treatment

Be Well Deluxe Inch loss Wrap

This treatment is only for those who are serious about inch loss!
Each treatment starts off with a log of your weight and measurements followed by personal photos.
We then massage using the massage cups and apply specially blended oils to the body while you are wrapped warmly in blankets to help the skin absorb the oils. A VERY totally relaxing experience!

8 - 120 min sessions

1 - session a week for 8 weeks


 Though we prefer CASH and CHECKS, We  do accept Visa, Master Card, Debit  for an additonal fee.

Senior Citizen , Military, Fire, Police force and EMT Discounts

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