What Our Clients Say About Us...

I am so happy to say that for the first time in over a month I am waking up 100% back pain free! Susan Looney....you are a freakin Godsend and a miracle worker!!! That may have been one of the most painful experiences of my life but it was so worth it to feel this great. Thank you...ThAnK YoU....THANK YOU!!!! Diana Stovall Feb. 20, 2016

"I had the one hour massage and it was wonderful!!!!! Sue worked out my kinks and sore muscles. The tension just melts away! It was also very good for my blood pressure. Very relaxing and I look forward to my time every month. I recommend this for everyone!!!"
"I have been a client of Sue's for several years. Having a massage by Sue at Body Wellness Center is the most relaxing experience for me. I seem to have a habit of "OVERdoing" when it comes to yard/garden work. And my muscles get pretty tight...and achy. When my 1 hr. massage is over, nothing hurts! I look forward to each appointment. " – Jo Griswold

First time massage
I read it was important to get a massage, especially after a marathon. I had my first massage with Aubry who did a great job answering my questions and helping me relax while she got my body to heal from the marathon and prepare it for my next adventure. I highly recommend Body Wellness Center of Health and Aubry. The facility was great, the staff was awesome, and I plan to go back soon.
- George S. 10/22/2014

"Just love the massage Sue does on me; I am always relaxed when I leave there"
"Sue Looney does an absolutely wonderful massage. She makes you feel so comfortable and at ease when she does a massage. She is professional and great with people. Always feel like a million bucks when she gets finished. Her facility is very clean and comfortable and love the decor. She is the best massage therapist i have ever had. Just love that lady and she’s so easy to talk to best in the world. After having your first massage with her you'll feel like her best friend by the time you leave her office. She is just a wonderful therapist and person. She's the best." – Peggy Bible

I WAS SKEPTICAL, VERY SKEPTICAL, I hurt my back quite a few years ago, never having ANY relief no matter what I tried. You name it this guy tried it! I was prescribed Lortab 7.5 for the pain. The doctor told me that I was going to have to live with this pain for the REST of my life! I became addicted to the Lortab. This put me in a downward spiral of depression. I couldn't do ANYTHING without the pain seering throughout my back into my hip, I couldn't work, I stopped doing the things that I enjoyed, and I just sat in my chair letting my life slip by. I was referred to Sue Looney for a massage from one of my friends who came to see her. He paid for my massage and just told me to get up and go... that Sue worked miracles and he believed that she could help me too. AGAIN VERY SKEPTICAL, but since my friend paid for the massage I went. Within in the first 30 minutes she had the pain GONE. Yes I said GONE! It has not returned... EVER!!!! I was able to get off the Lortab, I was able to go back to work and now my wife and I go and do things together like we used too. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK BECAUSE OF SUE LOONEY! God has truly blessed this woman with the knowledge and skill to help those in need. For those of us who the doctors gave up on.  Thank you Sue for giving my life back to me! B. Steinman

"Body Wellness is so AWESOME! Sue Looney has miracle hands really! I call her Doctor Sue because to me she feels that way. She has helped me naturally get rid of so much excess junk in my body from dis-assembled muscles to sinus drainage to stress, to cricks or creases in some part of my body that I have no idea how myself as a Zumba Instructor could possibly get myself into but Sue gets me out of them. I was attending Body Wellness when she was in Haysville Kansas and still make it a priority to see her twice a month and more when I can and it's great she is in Derby Kansas and bigger place is wonderful. Prices are great and affordable and so many options to pick from as well with the packages Sue offers plus they have a women's only Gym on the other side that is convenient to work out 24/7. If you haven't checked Body Wellness out yet you need to ASAP! " - Stephanie S.

This Feedback is for Sue, She is a great massage therapist. Very knowledgeable with a caring way about her. She has really helped me. I highly recommend her. – Donna Nelson

I had the one hour massage and it was wonderful!!!!! sue worked out my kinks and sore muscles. the tension just melts away! it was also very good for my blood pressure. very relaxing and I look forward to my time every month. I recommend this for everyone!!!
- becky r. 9/15/2014

Have had several massages from Sue and I have always felt better. I have had the hot rocks, regular, and the cups and all are amazing treatments. Highly Recommended. Sue knows how to get those special spots that are really hurting. – Dee Vernille

I hurt my back (again) and friends of mine highly recommended Sue, they both use her. I also have fibromyalgia and massages are recommended. Questionable, but I made an appointment. OMG, Loved my first massage (and each one since), I was sold, so I signed up for the 12 month membership. I always feel better when I leave!! – Sheila Hunsucker

Just finished up my massage with Aubry Mans. It was so relaxing and just what i needed. Rochelle Hoskins

Just love the massage Sue does on me, i am always relaxed when I leave there
- Desiree A L.

I travel quite extensively, and I try to receive massage treatments as much as I possibly can. I met Sue a couple of years ago and hands down she is the BEST therapist I have had the pleasure of knowing! Sue has managed to help me in ways that no one else has been able to do for me. I have chronic back pain and Sue is able to release those problems and I do not have trouble for a month afterward! I wish she were closer to me as I know that my back problems would be gone completely! Thanks Sue!!!!! – Jordan J.

I am a client of Sue Looney. I met her about 15 years ago at a craft show. I sat in her massage chair she had there and oh my gosh... from then on my husband and I have been going to her ever since. I remember another time I had pulled a muscle in my back and it hurt so bad I could hardly walk she worked me in because at that time I had a busy schedule and couldn't afford to be down. I didn't have anyone else to help me and within the first 5 minutes Sue had gotten rid of the pain!, needless to say I would recommend Sue for any kind of aches, pains and anything else you might need for your body. She has also been working on my face using the massage cups and the wrinkles in my face are getting considerably better! People have started to notice the difference! As I said before I recommend her to everyone who needs any kind of body wellness, she's your lady. – Mary and Mike Hephner

It has been at least a decade that I've been driving from Northwest Wichita to Susan for massage (approx. 25 miles), even though I know of several other bodyworkers much closer to my home. I trust Susan. She's extremely intuitive relative to the body, and knows where her attention and efforts need to be directed. I appreciate that she is always learning more about her craft. I LOVE the cupping practice, it has especially helped my hips in a way that massage alone could not. I look forward to every massage treatment and always leave Susan feeling better than when I arrived. This is especially important as I am very physically active, including teaching Yoga. Susan and I are mutually supportive of each other, and we are very connected spiritually, which is valuable to me as I see the mind-body-spirit as an intimately-connected whole. – Leta Miller

Susan is amazing!! Everything she does has a purpose for better health. I've had a lot of massages from a lot of different people but she was the best!!! Definitely worth every penny! Melinda

To those who wish to read this, I am Earl. I am and have been a client of BODY WELLNESS for about three years. I had an accident in my garage. After seeing my doctor for treatment it was decided for me to look at alternative treatments. My options were: Acupressure, Acupuncture or Massage Therapy. I was recommended to check out BODY WELLNESS by a friend. After three secessions with my Massage Therapist (Sue) I started to get better. Now the giggle starts. Within the next four months I had three more accidents, non-auto. Sore muscles, bruising and a lot of aches. My Massage Therapist got me straight again. Two and a half years ago I had my left knee replaced. Using the cupping Sue had the scar looking years better and my range of motion was far beyond the doctors expectations in just a couple of MONTHS! My doctor was shocked at the recovery time. My Orthopedist released me a year early. I am now on the yearly, by monthly plan and intend to stay with it. – Earl Lemmings

I just had a wonderful massage by Aubrey! Cassie Addington

Aubry had the prefect touch! I enjoy deep massage, but not one that hurts. She worked on the problem areas and asked several times if she needed to adjust the pressure. Great Job! 9/17/2014

Have been seeing Sue for more than two years. Came in for my 39th birthday and found a great therapist. She is professional and caring and kind. She is great to talk to or quiet if that is what you need. I am feeling much better than when I started, I haven't had a migraine in a very long time, have had only one sinus infection (when I used to get them all the time during the year) and do not need to see the chiropractor several times a month any more. I would recommend anyone and everyone to try body wellness center of health!!
October 2, 2014 Tracy Ridey

Had a Great massage and my therapist Aubry was personable and the atomosphere was relaxing. 11/21/2014

She is a miracle worker!
My high school son received a deep thigh bruise and could barely walk. His football game was just days away. Knowing Sue Looney's history with caring for athletic injuries I called her and made an appointment for my son. In one 30 minute treatment he was full speed and started the next game.
- John B. 9/12/2014

LOVED my experience! Aubry Mans did an amazing job making sure I was comfortable and all of my kinks were worked out! 1/9/2015

Aubry mans is AWESOME! I have a buldging disc  and she is helping me with the muscle aspect of this condition. With help from her and my Chiropractor, I am finally finding some relief! 1/2 2015

Best massage by Aubry! 1/21/2015

Sue is the absolute best massage therapist I have ever known. She continues her education way beyond what is required. I have gone to this woman for over 8 years now, and have benefited (and will continue to benefit) greatly. If any of my FB friends need, or know anyone who needs an awesome massage therapist, please give Sue Looney a call or FB contact. You will not regret it! Sonda Lock 2/18/2015